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A festival of ideas


Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) is an annual event held in Leeds, UK. The festival aims to showcase and celebrate innovative ideas, creativity, and critical thinking across various fields such as arts, science, technology, culture, and society. LIFI features a diverse range of events, including talks, panel discussions, workshops, performances, and exhibitions, with participation from renowned speakers, experts, and artists from around the world.

Martin Dickson
Festival Director
Rabbithole's constant drive for excellence in design and brand identity was perfectly captured by both the uniqueness and sheer artistry. There is no one better at what they do and with each festival they create I am always excited by what they bring.”


Strategy Mark Martin
Design/Direction Tim Dee
3D Joseph Töreki
Development Guy Bannister
Development Jacob Leech
Photography Tom Martin

Coldplay: Alien Radio

A cryptic, global teaser campaign